Further Up The Creek

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Further Up The Creek

Further Up The Creek
Item #: 347

Crikey! The Royal Navy has finally entered the nuclear age and is selling off its obsolete old frigates to the Arabs! First to go is HMS Aristotle - the secret shame of the Fleet! Under the temporary command of Bosun Dibble (Frankie Howerd), the ship is a hive of vice with its crew willing to do anything to make a few quid. When they hear they will be sailing for the Mediterranean nation of Algerrocco, they see one last chance to make a few bob - by pretending their frigate is really a luxury cruise liner and selling tickets! Of course, new Captain Humphrey Fairweather RN (David Tomlinson) knows nothing of the crews schemes, but with a wild bunch of passengers chasing the Bosun, how long can he be kept in the dark?

(Very Rare Classic Movie on DVD)

Sale Price : 4.00
Was : 8.00

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Further Up The Creek

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