Charlie Chan Movie Collection

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Charlie Chan Movie Collection

Charlie Chan Movie Collection
Item #: 41

Movies List

1. Charlie Chan in Behind That Curtain

2. Charlie Chan in Eran Trece (in Spanish)

3. Charlie Chan in The Black Camel

4. Charlie Chan in London

5. Charlie Chan in Paris

6. Charlie Chan in Egypt

7. Charlie Chan in Shanghai

8. Charlie Chan's Secret

9. Charlie Chan at the Circus

10.Charlie Chan at the Racetrack

11.Charlie Chan at the Opera

12.Charlie Chan at the Olympics

13.Charlie Chan on Broadway

14.Charlie Chan in Monte Carlo

15.Charlie Chan in Honolulu

16.Charlie Chan in Reno

17.Charlie Chan at Treasure Island

18.Charlie Chan in City in Darkness

19.Charlie Chan in Panama

20.Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise

21.Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum

22.Charlie Chan in Murder Over New York

23.Charlie Chan in Dead Men Tell

24.Charlie Chan in Rio

25.Charlie Chan in Castle in the Desert

26.Charlie Chan in the Secret Service

27.Charlie Chan at the Chinese Cat

28.Charlie Chan in Meeting at Midnight

29.Charlie Chan in the Jade Mask

30.Charlie Chan in the Scarlet Clue

31.Charlie Chan in Shanghai Cobra

32.Charlie Chan in the Red Dragon

33.Charlie Chan in Dark Alibi

34.Charlie Chan in Shadows over Chinatown

35.Charlie Chan in Dangerous Money

36.Charlie Chan in the Trap

37.Charlie Chan in the Chinese Ring

38.Charlie Chan in Docks of New Orleans

39.Charlie Chan in Shanghai Chest

40.Charlie Chan in the Feathered Serpent

41.Charlie Chan in the Golden Eye

42.Charlie Chan in the Sky Dragon

(All 42 Rare Classic Movies on 9 DVDs)

Sale Price : 15.00
Was : 20.00

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Charlie Chan Movie Collection

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